Cars as friends? or Cars as keepers of all knowledge about us.

USC has built a car that monitors vital signs and driving patterns in order to help drivers make healthier choices while on the road. The post suggests the car could help us make better decisions around our health. Is this useful in a car? Do we want this? And how will this get smarter as the cars themselves become smarter. That is, as our cars start doing the driving for us, they'll know where we're going. Tying that data together with our health data, that car will know an awful lot about us. This information could be very interesting to insurance companies, government agencies, companies… and who will control it? One could imagine a vendor relationship management (VRM)-style system in which we sell access to it, or trade that access for, say, lower insurance premiums. Or, one could imagine a google owning it, and selling ads to us based on our habits, health, etc. What would you prefer? 

The article: