So what’s social innovation?

RVL, my company, is a social innovation consultancy. What does that mean? 

In short, the world has sped up, and everything has become more social. That means social in the sense of social media and communications, of course: people are communicating, sharing, and engaging more than ever before, to the point of exhaustion. However, people are also increasingly demanding that organizations "make as positive an impact as possible," in the words of lefty rag Forbes. The social impact piece is increasingly being demanded, despite or perhaps even because of the current chaotic, scary state of the world. 

So how do these things play together? Well, organizations are increasingly having to engage with their constituents – customers, clients, stakeholders, shareholders. Transparency is increasingly the name of the game, as internal and external players make sure the world can see the inner workings of any corporate machine (for example, see the recent Google +/Amazon outting). If your organization has a good social story to tell, you should be telling it via every means possible: the social communications part. If your organization doesn't have a good social story to tell, the truth will come out – so you'd best start thinking about how to improve.

In either case, RVL has an amazing group of folks from which to put together a team to help: design, implement, evaluate, and tell the story – we're most at home where the socials meet!